Israel: Gantz considers Defense Ministry investigation of Submarine Affair

Defense Minister Benny Gantz attacked Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday when he floated the idea of establishing a Defense Ministry committee to investigate the so-called Submarine Affair.

He was referring to an ongoing scandal involving a multibillion-dollar submarine deal with Germany’s ThyssenKrupp AG conglomerate in 2016, also dubbed Case 3000, in which critics of Netanyahu have accused him of corruption despite his being cleared by law-enforcement authorities.

Attorney-General Avichai Mandelblit has alleged that senior Israeli officials were bribed to advocate for the purchase of unnecessary extra submarines and military boats from Thyssenkrupp. But he has resisted calls to implicate the prime minister.
“The subject of the submarines is serious, so it deserves to be investigated,” Gantz told Ynet. “What can be done within the defense establishment is limited to what can be done within the defense establishment. Nevertheless, I am familiar with the section that allows me to set up an investigation within the Defense Ministry.”

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