Instant Sanctions Risk Questionnaire

Uncover sanctioned entities and discover Ultimate Beneficial Ownership within your supply chain using the Ethixbase sanctions questionnaire and screening. Get started today.

Is one of your suppliers’ directors or shareholders involved with an entity that is affected by sanctions?

Has your organisation and it’s supply chain been exposed to risks posed by recent sanction actions? Take the necessary steps to safeguard your business and implement the ethiXbase Instant Sanctions Risk Questionnaire today.

Gathering information about third-parties is critical to ensuring that you are protected from risk and requires your business to screen it’s network of third-party directors, Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBO) and shareholders. It is entirely possible that one of your third-party’s directors or shareholders might hold positions of influence in another entity that is associated with sanctions making this due diligence essential to avoidance of penalties.

Our Instant Sanctions Risk Questionnaire allows you to quickly gather ownership and directorship information from your supply chain to further enhance sanctions screening and protect your business. The Questionnaire will also allow your business to validate your existing sanctions screening process and ensure that you have truly understood any potential exposure within your third-party network and have done all that you can to manage this risk.

Our Benefits

Uncover sanctions risks and associations

Capture organisational structure within your supply chain and get clarity on associated directors, shareholders, and Ultimate Beneficial Owners of your third-parties. This will allow you to reveal and understand sanctions risks within your supply chain and determine whether there may be connections with penalised nations.

Ongoing risk-relevant updates

Following the initial information gathering process using the questionnaire, you will then receive ongoing, human assessed updates upon changes to the risk status of any one of your third-parties. This will enable confidence that you are always able to swiftly respond to sanctions incidents.

Discover Ultimate Beneficial Owner identity

Determining Ultimate Beneficial Owner identity can cause inefficiencies in compliance processes. Gain access to real-time business data from around the globe, ensuring you can effectively and instantly verify businesses and their owners.

Our Solution

How to validate sanctions screening with our end-to-end process – The below steps are all available on ethiXbase platform EB360
and timely process

Send questionnaires to your entire supply chain within a day and collect responses with corresponding analytical data for use. This ensures that you will always have the information you need, when you need it.

Undertake further due diligence
where necessary

Use the ethiXbase 360 platform and suite of third-party risk management solutions to escalate any necessary due diligence on select high risk suppliers. You will be able to manage all of these compliance requirements in one place using this fully end-to-end solution.

Verification and ongoing assurance
against sanctions

Confidently verify the presence of sanctions against different suppliers. We will also employ ongoing monitoring to provide assurances that you will be alerted if an entity is sanctioned in the future.

Beyond Screening - How to Safeguard your Company from Sanctions Exposure

Recent sanctions mean it is more important than ever to fully understand the entities you are working with and who owns them.

ESG Risk Management for Corporates

Our GreenLITE ESG risk management solution employs cutting-edge research and analysis to identify gaps in sustainability, involvement in past controversies, and ESG risks that may be hidden in disparate and multi-tiered supply chains. It provides businesses with the data, analysis, and tools they need to drive holistic and quantifiable improvements in ESG supply chain resiliency.


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Our new simple short-form questionnaire is easy to implement
and can be delivered to all or part of your third-parties within a day.

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