Instant, real-time protection against the latest global sanctions

Our instant third-party due diligence reports provide crucial, on-demand risk insights into your business partners, including instant screening against global sanctions. Plus with ongoing monitoring, you will never miss a key alert.

Targeted access to one of the world’s largest risk profile databases through instant reports and ongoing monitoring updates.

ethiXbase’s Instant Due Diligence (IDD) reports provide simple screening against important sanctions and watchlistscountering the risks posed by business partners and third parties. Meanwhile, Instant Due Diligence Plus (IDD+) provides in-depth analysis into third parties that might be involved in Anti-Money Laundering, Fraud or a variety of other risk circumstances. In both cases, you will receive automated alerts on any updates relevant to the risk status of your suppliers.

Benefits to your business

Global News Coverage – the largest collection of negative news in the industry

Benefit from 120,000+ global media coverage sources from both large and small publications covering 240 countries and territories and 70+ languages. Our database has around 20 years of content and 10,000 risk profiles are added or updated every day.


Tracking Each Risk

Following the receipt of your initial instant report, we will monitor every risk incident therein from the earliest accusation, rumour or indication, all the way through to conviction. This provides early and continually updated warning of risk, ensuring that your business stays ahead of any potentially damaging situations and allows time to implement safeguarding measures.

All third parties are monitored daily and at the level they were initially screened

Our remediation teams review every single one of your third-party alerts, both concerning companies and individuals to ensure that you always and only receive red flag information which is relevant to your third party and representative of a genuine risk.

Our Solution

Immediate access to 800+ global lists

Gain absolute confidence that no relevant risk information has been missed. Our tool will search more than 800 global lists, including sanctions, watch-lists, debarment, law enforcement and much more to provide the most in-depth checks possible.

Insight into 1.6m+ Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs)

Unrivalled politically exposed persons insights, including office holders, close family and associates, position history, and a unique PEP rating that factors level, type, country, and existence.

Filter and Configure to your appetite: Precise Alerts

Aligned with 6AMD and Financial Action Task Force recommendations, our reports categorise articles across more than 50 risk codes and 30 risk stages for precise filtering and alerting. This enables complete clarity and distinction on issues, including terrorism, human trafficking, organised crime, cybercrime, and environmental crime. 

The Reports


A high-level vendor due diligence report covering sanctions and watchlists
  • Improve your risk screening process
    with instant reporting.
  • Benefit from one of the world’s
    most detailed databases.
  • Gain valuable insights into
    third party circumstances without delay.
  • Ongoing monitoring alerts on all relevant third-party updates


Detailed due diligence covering various risk types, stages, and metrics
  • Confidence in our spectrum of global databases on high-risk individuals and organisations.
  • Curated and streamlined risk-relevant information, neatly presented by organisation or individual.
  • Efficiently filtering to your risk appetite based on relevance and profile.
  • Ongoing monitoring alerts on all relevant third-party updates

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News & Resources

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