Indonesia: High-profile busts raise hopes of tougher fight against graft in Indonesia

Hopes have risen in Indonesia that corruption is once again being targeted in the light of recent high-profile busts, but many analysts remain sceptical.

In September last year, violent protests erupted across the country after what many believed to be an effort to cripple the highly respected Corruption Eradication Commission, better known by its local acronym KPK, which, up till then, had done a stellar job in putting offenders behind bars.

The government revised the law which, among other things, made it mandatory for the anti-graft body to obtain approval from an oversight body known as the KPK Supervisory Board, appointed by the president. The KPK had to get the green light for arrests, asset seizures as well as wiretaps on potential suspects. Previously, investigators needed only the approval from the five top officials of the KPK .

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