Hungary: Hungary arrests fertiliser tycoon Bige for corruption

Leading Hungarian businessman Laszlo Bige was arrested on Thursday on suspicion of a string of economic crimes including graft and misappropriation worth billions of forints.

Bige is the 10th richest Hungarian with a net worth of 112 billion forints ($385 million), according to a 2020 tally by the news website He owns several large companies, of which the most significant is the fertiliser maker Nitrogenmuvek.

Prosecutors said in a statement that they had “initiated the arrest of a man who accepted more than 800 million forints in graft payments while misappropriating nearly 2 billion forints from his own company”.

They did not identify Bige by name, calling him an “entrepreneur from Nyiregyhaza”, but added that there was another similar case pending against him – a description that clearly fits Bige.

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