How To Write A Modern Slavery Statement


Modern Slavery is a global issue.

Forced labour generates $150bn per year globally. Governments are demanding business action.

To name a few:

  • In Australia, businesses with revenues of more than AU$100m must publish a statement on a central register.
  • In the UK, companies with more than £36m turnovers are required to publish an annual statement.
  • Similarly, in California, companies with more than $100m receipts must disclose efforts to combat slavery and human trafficking.

What do these statements require?

UK: Modern Slavery Act 2015

  • An outline of business structure and supply chain
  • Details of employee training and communication
  • Summary of internal and supply chain risks as well as any counteractive measures taken
  • Indication of the performance of these measures and processes

US: California Supply Chain Transparency Act

Website disclosure on five areas:

  • Verification and audit process
  • Supply Chain audit process
  • Details of certifications
  • Level of internal accountability
  • Any training provisions

Other nations will follow.

Understand the risk and its presence in your supply chain.

ethiXbase’s Modern Slavery Questionnaire can help to assess and identify modern slavery risk within your supply chain.
Providing you with a user-friendly analytics dashboard presenting a real-time overview of your supply chain.

Elevate your supply chain and help eradicate modern-day slavery.

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