Hong Kong: Hong Kong police officer charged with five counts of bribery by graft watchdog

A Hong Kong policewoman has been charged for allegedly seeking discounts on designer clothing and accepting earrings at a discounted price from a jewellery company employee involved in a suspected fraud case.

The corruption watchdog charged constable Lee Sin-wa, 29, with four counts of a public servant soliciting an advantage and one count of a public servant accepting an advantage. She will appear in West Kowloon Court on Thursday.

Co-defendants Leung Wei-ka, 45, previously a department manager of a fashion company, and Zhuang Aolin Vivone, 31, who worked as a clerk at a jewellery company, each face one count of offering an advantage to a public servant, according to the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC). Leung was allowed to buy certain products at a staff discount, while Zhuang was able to source jewellery below market prices, the watchdog claimed.

The full original article can be found at scmp.com

(Photo: Felix Wong)

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