Germany: Lawyer at Tax Scandal Prosecutor’s Office Arrested in Bribery Probe

A member of the Frankfurt General Prosecutors’ Office, one of the agencies investigating the Cum-Ex scandal in Germany, was arrested over allegations he accepted kickbacks from a businessman who ran a company that provided expert evaluations for the prosecutors.

Police on Thursday raided 10 sites in the bribery probe, including the home of the two suspects, the regular prosecutors’ office in Frankfurt, a separate agency, said in a statement on Friday. It didn’t identify the men who both remain in custody, nor did it not specify which investigations the suspicious evaluations were for.

The arrested prosecutor in 2005 inspired the businessmen to set up a company for expert evaluations. About 90% of its revenue, totaling 12.5 million euros ($14.5 million) in fees over the past decade, came from investigations that the prosecutor fed him, according to the probe. In return, the prosecutor got kickbacks of about 240,000 euros between 2015 and 2020, the investigators suspect.

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