Europe: ESG’s legal showdown – ‘there’s nothing to suggest DWS is a one off’

When about 50 German police officers raided the Frankfurt office of fund manager DWS last month as part of an investigation into greenwashing, the move marked the beginning of what many believe will be a long legal reckoning for the asset management industry.

Interest in sustainable investing has taken off in recent years, with assets managed in ESG-labelled funds globally ballooning to some $2.7tn, but the industry has also been hit by claims its green credentials are inflated.

DWS, whose chief executive Asoka Woehrmann resigned the day after the police arrived to gather materials and question staff, has been in the sights of regulators in Germany and the US since former executive turned whistleblower Desiree Fixler accused the firm of greenwashing last year.

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