ethiXbase, a Leading Provider of Third-Party Compliance Solutions, Launches a New Online Training and Certification Module to Its Platform

 ethiXbase, a leading provider of third-party compliance intelligence and technology solutions company, today announced the release of a new online training and certification module to its Third-Party Compliance platform. The new module completes its suite of full product offerings to help companies manage their end-to-end compliance lifecycle to identify, mitigate and manage third-party risks.

In today’s connected and globalized world, third-party partnerships can provide companies with improved agility which, in turn, can reduce production and delivery time and reduce cost.

Whilst this approach may improve process efficiencies, it can also increase the levels of regulatory and reputational risk posed by their third parties. 

Education and training are key to improving compliance standards, promoting ethical business practices and protecting businesses against the risk of bribery and corruption allegations in today’s borderless business environment.

This also reinforces a strong message about a company’s stance towards bribery and corruption, also ensuring that relevant knowledge is shared and practiced by the entire third-party network.

The new module is designed to train and educate third-party intermediaries on anti-bribery and corruption. This includes ethical conduct and best business practices through a series of practical tutorial sessions and real-world case studies.

Leas Bachatene, Chief Executive Officer of ethiXbase, said: “Over the last few years, we have been helping our clients to successfully implement third-party risk and compliance programs to identify, mitigate and manage their third-party risks. The new module completed our end-to-end third-party compliance offering, providing a robust defense against the multitude of risks including bribery and corruption for our clients. This component is something our clients have wanted for a long time, and we are excited to bring this concept to the market.”

About ethiXbase: 

ethiXbase delivers market-leading technology and solutions to help risk and compliance professionals identify, manage, and mitigate their third-party risks. Its platform was designed to automate the identification of relevant risk data, provide insights from the data collected, and then create a positive impact for both its clients and their business partners. The company has aligned its technology and system with the 10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact, the world’s leading corporate sustainability framework. The system can also assist any company looking to implement the Principles for Responsible Investment.

With a global presence and local focus, ethiXbase assists organizations, no matter their size or budget, to simplify, automate and evidence third-party compliance through cost-effective, risk-based due diligence, end-to-end compliance management, ongoing monitoring and compliance training. Learn more at

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