Drive Greater ESG Accountability & Transparency Across Your Businesses Value Chain

The ethiXbase 360 Third Party Risk Management Platform allows you to proactively identify, manage and improve selected ESG risk areas across your supply chain.
The Ethixbase 360 Third Party Risk Management platform

supports end-to-end third party risk management and improvement across Environmental Social and Governance risk themes with scalable and modular solutions to explore and benchmark third-party risk & resilience, enhance insight and engage directly to elevate standards.

Ethixbase 360 allows clients to apply consistent and fully auditable risk-based methodologies and processes to their third parties while being fundamentally aligned to the United Nations Global Compact guiding principles. 

Your supply chain is only as strong as your weakest third party. Identify risk and elevate standards.

Configurable platform caters to YOUR specific requirements

No two businesses are the same, and neither is their approach to risk. The Ethixbase 360 platform has been built hand in hand with our clients to create a configurable solution that allows clients to grow their access based on business needs and risk appetite. The platform can be configured to address risk themes across E S and G or alternatively to drill into specific areas such as human rights or bribery and corruption.

Isolate ESG risks and identify areas for improvement

The Ethixbase 360 platform allows you to efficiently manage 100% of third-party relationships, taking a truly risk-based approach to compliance measures. Explore ESG risk and resilience in 100% of third party relationships, enhancing insight on flagged third parties and engaging directly to elevate standards collaboratively with ESGmetrics.

Our Solution

Elevation of Key Sustainability Metrics
From onboarding to ongoing management, the ethiXbase 360 platform with integrated third-party portal facilitates the confidential information exchange of key sustainability tools with your third parties including risk specific questionnaires, policy attestations, evidence of compliance, training and more. The third-party portal eases the burden on your vendor, supplier, reseller, agent or intermediary, enabling them to take ownership of their own ESG credentials and improve themselves, and their own supply chain over time.
In-built Escalations and Monitoring
Having identified risks utilise a suite of risk-based due diligence options commensurate to your business needs to gain further understanding and ultimately manage and mitigate the risk. Our platform can monitor third parties and known associates for changes to their risk profile ensuring that your business is identified should anything change during the course of your engagement.

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