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ethiXbase is committed to stamping out corruption and increasing transparency across the globe and for this reason we created the Ethical Alliance, a global community of companies and individuals dedicated to anti-corruption compliance, corporate transparency and ethical business dealings.

The Ethical Alliance News delivers our members a digest of latest news and alerts related to bribery and corruption from around the world.

We believe that our corporate compliance news database performs an important function in that it promotes awareness of current trends in corporate crimes and prompts businesses to look more closely at their own supply chains and practices.

The ultimate goal of the Ethical Alliance is to minimise corruption by achieving greater transparency and awareness.

Recently Published Posts

EA 23 Jun (2)

Europe: Germany to Stop Property Deals in Cash to Fight Money Laundering

Germany is preparing legislation to prohibit cash transactions in the real-estate market to step up efforts to fight money laundering and other financial crimes. “Our …

EA 23 Jun

Europe: 3 anti-corruption takeaways from the war in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine makes painfully clear that financial markets and anti-corruption are intimately intertwined with global security and democratic prosperity. For weeks, anti-corruption experts …

EA (3)

Europe: Woman pleads guilty to role in laundering $4 billion via Danske Bank in Estonia

A Lithuanian woman on Wednesday pleaded guilty to involvement in laundering more than 29 billion Danish crowns ($4.1 billion) through Danske Bank’s Estonian branch, her …

EA (2)

United States: The SEC War on Greenwashing Has Begun

There’s now little doubt that the US Securities and Exchange Commission actually means business in its bid to crackdown on misleading claims by managers of …

EA (1)

Europe: ESG’s legal showdown – ‘there’s nothing to suggest DWS is a one off’

When about 50 German police officers raided the Frankfurt office of fund manager DWS last month as part of an investigation into greenwashing, the move …

Copy of EDD displays (2)

Europe: Switzerland adopts new EU sanctions against Russia, Belarus

Switzerland has adopted new EU sanctions against Belarus and Russia, also imposing financial and travel sanctions on 100 additional individuals and entities, including oligarch Aleksandra …

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