Risk-Based Screening and Enhanced Due Diligence



Entering into a contract or engaging in a business relationship with an organisation or individual without full knowledge of their business dealings, past or present, can pose significant risks to your organisation. Finding the necessary information of a third party located in emerging markets and non-transparent territories can prove challenging and difficult. How do you protect your organisation from risks posed by your third parties?

How We can Help

ethiXbase provides configurable Enhanced Due Diligence reports that are relevant and proportionate to your risk exposure and business needs. By undertaking a detailed review of your third parties you can identify key issues relating to bribery, corruption, financial crime, governance and a number of other potential risks. This enables you to obtain the intelligence you need, reducing your costs while simultaneously ensuring the fastest possible turnaround time.


What’s more, you can store and access your reports on our third-party compliance platform ethiXbase 360 for ongoing monitoring and real-time compliance reporting whenever you need it, at no extra cost.

We screen against a myriad of sources, and you can configure screening in accordance with your risk approach and business needs

  • Executive risk summary and analysis
  • Primary source company registry records from local language
  • Ongoing monitoring against negative media, Politically Exposed Persons (PEP)
  • Sanctions, Enforcements and Watchlists
  • Global sanctions and enforcement search with derogatory international electronic media search (English)
  • Derogatory electronic media search (English and local language)
  • Civil litigation, regulatory, criminality and bankruptcy checks
  • Directorship search, background and interests
  • Full international electronic media search (English and local language)
  • Business intelligence / source comment


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What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

We engaged an independent consulting firm to run an annual customer satisfaction survey and hear
what our clients are saying about us


“In this platform everything is valuable, from the moment they trigger the automatic email directly to the customer, the customer responds directly via the platform, the Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) reports are pretty good, the Instant Due Diligence Plus (IDD+) is a very good complement for changes in management, for example. So, the whole process is very useful. It is difficult to point out just one offering.”

Senior Compliance Analyst

Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical Company


“The greatest value for us is the documentation on the system of three elements: compliance clause, due diligence questionnaire and code of conduct for each third-party. Also, what is valuable is the fact that they were designed by us. ethiXbase provided recommendations, but we had our code of conduct ready to go, we had our due diligence questionnaire which we were sending manually and we combined it with ethiXbase’s and the compliance code.”

VP Legal Council

Global Agri-business Company


“We started working with ethiXbase on the digitalisation of the process, instead of doing all these steps manually we do in a digitalised way on the system. That is a huge added-value. We made a lot of automation and have a very sophisticated process.”

Head Group Compliance

Global Retail Company

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