Enhanced Due Diligence Reports

Expert analytical and risk-based reports on your global third parties. These reports provide detailed intelligence which ensures full and comprehensive assessment of your third parties such that you can have full confidence that all risks have been identified.

Gain detailed intelligence on your third parties and their associates using our
configurable analyst produced Enhanced Due Diligence reports.

Our Enhanced Due Diligence Reports leverage our in-house multi-lingual research experts to provide a comprehensive risk analysis based on your suppliers risk profile delivered in a customised reporting document. These reports can be ordered and delivered in our centralised platform.

Our Benefits

Configurable Enhanced Due Diligence reports to your specifications

Extensive research scope across 4 levels of reporting detail including primary source analysis, background analysis, global watchlists, litigation, and more giving you confidence that your due diligence requirements are being fully met with risk-based consideration.

ethiXbase 360 Platform utility

Access to our market leading due diligence platform, ethiXbase 360, enables streamlined escalation, ordering, delivery, ongoing monitoring and reporting. This provides the perfect end-to-end environment to manage your third-party risk 

Ultimate Beneficial Owner Insights

Discover the Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) of your third parties using Enhanced Due Diligence Reports. Our expert analysts will uncover these elusive insights which can prove invaluable to your risk analysis and supply chain decision making processes.

Our Solution

True intelligence and business due diligence​

Our researchers analyse both positive and negative risk-relevant aspects of the entity. This provides you with a fully considered report on your chosen third party.

Escalate due diligence on a global scale

Local language specialisation and expertise within our teams allows us to provide insights into any global third-party, ensuring that any important records are thoroughly assessed.

Industry leading 100% turnaround times

Our research experts and client success teams can cater to your delivery specifications, giving you absolute confidence in your due diligence and ensuring it’s timely delivery.

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