Future of Business Series: Net Zero

Discover new key trending Net Zero solutions that can be incorporated into your supply chain framework to gain a competitive advantage in your industry. 

Learn more about the Net Zero impact on business and why you should take the steps to prevent threats of reputational damage and supply chain disruption.

Net Zero: Solutions, Adapting it to Your Organization, Its Impact on Businesses and Best Practices


In the case of businesses that haven’t promoted sustainability before, reaching Net Zero can be a daunting challenge. In order to curb climate change, it is important that companies identify the challenges, and address both external transparency and internal effectiveness. To comply with relevant Net Zero standards and protocols, a company must act responsibly, sustainably and transparently.


So why should companies join in the “race” to Net Zero? Energy use in industry accounts for 24% of emissions and commercial buildings 6%. Accidental leakage, industrial processes, road transportation, aviation, rail and waste add significantly to emissions, around 30%. 


In order to mitigate climate change and transition to a Net Zero emission economy, businesses from all industries and sizes play a crucial role.


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• The best way to avoid unethical practices in your business

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