Modern Slavery

Whitepaper | Global Modern Slavery Legislation 2021 ​

Whitepaper Global Modern Slavery Legislation 2021 What Businesses Need to Know To help organisations prepare for these upcoming changes, we have produced a whitepaper to provide essential guidance. DOWNLOAD NOW 2020 was a significant year

ESG & Supply Chain Modern Slavery – Time to Act

According to UN estimates, 25 million people worldwide live in conditions of Modern Slavery. Of these, 16 million work in some of the worst forms of forced labour, including agriculture, domestic servitude, construction, and sex work. One in four slaves is a child, according to global estimations. While shocking, the issue has only recently gained global notoriety and importance,

United Kingdom: UK Government Launches Modern Slavery Statement Registry

On 11th March 2021, the UK Government launched a Modern Slavery Statement Registry as an online platform for organizations adhering to the Modern Slavery act 2015 section 54 to upload their report. This registry will enhance accessibility and comparability, providing one searchable, centralized location.  At present, commercial UK organisations with an annual turnover of

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