Podcast: Third-Party Due Diligence

A key question about third-party due diligence: how much is needed, how much is enough? In a recent Walden Pond podcast, Taylor Twinning, Director of Sales at ethiXbase, joined VInce Walden of Alvarex & Marsal to discuss how companies are taking a risk-based approach to managing their third parties. In

Streamlining Third-Party Due Diligence with Smart Due Diligence Questionnaires

Author: ethiXbase Executive Summary: In traditional third-party risk management, organisations create extensive questionnaires to be completed manually. How can a smart technology solution relieve this burden? Introducing modern technologies and programming into the due diligence process improves efficiency, data quality, and overall understanding of the full picture of risk each

Coronavirus Breeds Corruption in the Food Supply Chain: Here’s How to Manage the Risk

Author: ethiXbase Executive Summary: The Coronavirus pandemic has put the global food supply chain under unprecedented strain. What are the long term implications? Protectionist measures adopted by some countries, transport issues, labor shortages and changing demand are causing disruption like never before, while continued delays and shortages threaten to bring

Applying Blockchain to Third-Party Risk Management: What Questions Should Be Asked and What Does the Future Hold?

Author: Kevin Spiers  The benefits of using technology to manage third-party risk are not lost on compliance professionals. When you consider the growing size, complexity and geographic diversity of companies’ third-party ecosystems, it’s easy to see why. 60% of organizations now work with more than 1,000 third parties and managing

Should Corporations Treat Politically Exposed Persons like Financial Institutions?

Corporate compliance departments aren’t exactly deemed “new” anymore, yet many of them are still experiencing growing pains — and understandably. On top of international regulations constantly evolving, and recent increased enforcement, many corporations still see compliance departments as an aggravating, legally-required expense, rather than an untapped strategic asset. Numerous C-Suites

Third Parties in Brazil? Steps To Consider.

If you’re doing business in Brazil, you need to be taking these actions.  The second largest retailer in the world stole headlines this past June. “For more than a decade,” The Washington Post describes, “Walmart executives were aware of problems with its anti-corruption programs at its foreign subsidiaries, including in Mexico, Brazil and

25 Questions to Assess Your Third Party Compliance Programme From DOJ Guidance

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) provides tangible insights. The newest DOJ guidelines for prosecutors in evaluating corporate compliance programmes were release in late April — and with them game-changing insights. While it can often feel as if corporate compliance departments teeter on unclear expectations and conflicting legal advice, this

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