Due Diligence Checklist

Entering into a contract or engaging in a business relationship with an organisation or individual without full knowledge of their business dealings, past or present, can expose you to significant risks. Yet every year, businesses

ESG & Supply Chain Modern Slavery – Time to Act

According to UN estimates, 25 million people worldwide live in conditions of Modern Slavery. Of these, 16 million work in some of the worst forms of forced labour, including agriculture, domestic servitude, construction, and sex work. One in four slaves is a child, according to global estimations. While shocking, the issue has only recently gained global notoriety and importance,

Modern Slavery – Supplier Risk Management Programme

Managing Modern Slavery Risks – Practical Steps From assessing modern slavery in your supply chains to understanding your legal and regulatory obligations, learn what makes a successful risk management programme. GET IN TOUCH Modern slavery

Emerging Global Supply Chain Risks

These days, it’s not just the FCPA, theft, fraud and money laundering that one must worry about when operating in unfamiliar markets. New developments such as ESG failures, forced labour, cyber-attacks and political risk are rapidly emerging as causes of concern and are more likely to

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