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Sembcorp turned to ethiXbase in 2020 to provide a third-party risk management solution that met its unique needs. Now, Sembcorp can better assess its partners, automate risk management tasks and report to regulatory authorities efficiently. 

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Sembcorp Industries (Sembcorp) is a leading energy and urban solutions provider that has expanded to work with more partners, suppliers, agents, contractors and other third-party providers in recent years. With this in mind, the company needed stringent Know Your Customer (KYC) processes to protect it from any potential counterparty risk exposure. 


By integrating the ethiXbase core risk management solution,  Sembcorp has been able to gain visibility into its supply chain  activities, generate clear reports and automate due diligence  tasks.  

After incorporating the ethiXbase third-party risk management solution in 2020, Sembcorp has seen progressive change with organisational efficiency, process automation and compliance reporting. 

Download this case study today to learn more about the third-party risk and due diligence solutions that are helping Semcorp audit its third-party relationships as it grows, or alternatively reach out to us and arrange a demo to find out how we can help you and your business with your third-party due diligence programme.

“The  due  diligence  reports  provided  are  clear,  concise  and  easy  to  understand.  Due diligence reports are also remediated, and  this  helps  Sembcorp  reduce  time  in  reviewing false alerts. The team at ethiXbase is also very knowledgeable and has been a great help in supporting Sembcorp’s due diligence goals.” 


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ethiXbase is a value chain sustainability solutions business that delivers robust technology and data analytics to assist corporates and third parties, create and maintain sustainable business practices. We create the most intuitive, robust, and configurable platform to help firms globally, elevate their third-party supply chain in the areas of Anti-Corruption, Human Rights, Environment and Labour.

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