Brazil: Brazil prosecutors charge 2018 presidential candidate Alckmin with graft

Brazil state prosecutors on Thursday charged Geraldo Alckmin, the former governor of Sao Paulo state and two-time presidential candidate, with corruption, money laundering and electoral crimes, in a new blow to the nation’s weakened centrist parties.

The fresh accusations come after the federal police accused Alckmin last week of allegedly receiving unregistered campaign funding. The state prosecutors’ charges against Alckmin, a veteran of the Brazilian Social Democracy Party, still need to be reviewed by a judge.

A four-time governor of Brazil’s richest state, Alckmin’s last term ended in 2018, when he ran for president, failing to reach a second-round runoff, which was won by far-right populist President Jair Bolsonaro.

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(Picture: REUTERS/Nacho Doce)

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