Australia: Bill to end import of forced labour products approved by Senate

A law aimed at ending Australia’s participation in international slave labour has passed through the Senate.

The Customs Amendment (Banning Goods Produced By Forced Labour) Bill 2021 – proposed by independent senator Rex Patrick – seeks to ban the import of products that are produced in whole or part by forced labour.

“Slave labour is abhorrent. It’s human cost is horrendous and it leaves Australian businesses competing against imports on unfair terms,” Senator Patrick told the Senate on Monday.

Senator Patrick pointed to the Chinese Communist Party as one of the main perpetrators of the practice.

“Massive and systematic oppression of the Uighur people by the Chinese communist regimen is undeniable, including the exploitation of the chained Uighurs as a captive labour force,” he said.

“Uighur forced labour plays a key role in Xinjiang’s massive cotton production and extends across an array of Chinese industries, including the supply chains of global brands.”

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