Australia: Australian former executive returns from French ‘castle’ to quarantine and a criminal investigation

David Savage had made his career and fortune with Leighton (now named CIMIC), becoming one of the firm’s most influential executives as well as consigliere to its veteran chief executive, Wal King. Both Mr Savage and Mr King left the firm in 2011.

Company records reveal Mr Savage collected $18 million from Leighton between 2007 and 2011 as the firm won many of Australia’s largest infrastructure projects while aggressively expanding into Asia and the Middle East.

But court filings obtained by The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald reveal the Australian Federal Police suspect Mr Savage’s time with Leighton was not the success story it once seemed. Rather, police suggest that while he was chief operating officer, Mr Savage helped conceal and alter company documents that threatened to reveal Leighton’s corruption.

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