Anti-Bribery & Corruption
Risk Assessment Made Easy

ethiXbase’s Anti-Bribery and Corruption Questionnaire combines the best in comprehensive due diligence risk assessment with an intuitive platform that automates your workflows and consolidates third-party anti-corruption compliance data. 

Safeguard your organisation from bribery using ethiXbase’s holistic corruption
risk assessment, mitigation, and monitoring platform.

Achieve efficient due diligence with anti-bribery and corruption questionnaires that automate the delivery, reception, and interpretation of information. This ensures a comprehensive and clear assessment of your third-party corruption risks and anti-bribery compliance. 

Our Benefits

Detailed questionnaires provide comprehensive corruption risk insight

Assessment into third-party ownership, management, government connections, compliance history, services, and data protection measuresThis ensures that you are able to identify any gaps in your third-party’s policy, procedures, processes, or documentation. 

Customisable due diligence platform

Configure your anti-corruption program with due diligence tailored to your risk appetite. Change your questionnaire and configure the platform to the specifications which suit your goals. This provides the information and analytics which are material to your organisation.


Intuitive platform enabling swift corruption risk assessments
Our platform automates end-to-end workflows and consolidates your third-party compliance data in one readily accessible place ensuring that all risks are fully understood and easily communicated. 
Multi-lingual due diligence allowing global anti-corruption compliance
Multi-lingual risk-based questionnaire capabilities allowing due diligence on global suppliers. ethiXbase will also follow-up on any incomplete or outstanding responses to ensure maximised coverage and providing you with compliance closure. 
End-to-end, streamlined corruption risk management
Our automated process of sending, receiving, and interpreting corruption compliance questionnaires ensures that all work is done professionally and hassle-free. From this point, our suite of due diligence escalation processes will also be at your disposal.

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Elevate your supply chain sustainability by leveraging a robust platform designed hand in hand with industry leaders. ethiXbase 360 enables clients to apply a consistent and fully auditable risk-based approach to third-party compliance aligned with the UNGC across anti-corruption, human rights, labour, and environmental practices. 

Anti-Bribery and Corruption Sentiment on a Global Scale Whitepaper

ethiXbase helps businesses identify, mitigate, and manage supply chain risks in the areas of Anti-Corruption, Human Rights, Labour and Environment. Download our latest whitepaper to learn about recent updates and future developments in anti-bribery and corruption sentiment on a global scale.

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