ethiXbase Due Diligence

Due diligence is an integral component of every anti-corruption compliance program and a key requirement from regulators around the globe. While checking against sanctions, enforcements and politically exposed persons lists will assist your organization to comply with Anti-Money Laundering requirements, this is not sufficient to protect your organizations reputation and ensure compliance when assessing the bribery and corruption risk of working with a third party.

ethiXbase maintains the world’s largest anti-corruption database containing over 18 million risk records, across 52 categories from 10,000 sources. Offering Real Time Search, Shield Due Diligence (Due Diligence & Monitoring) and Enhanced Due Diligence we provide a comprehensive due diligence system to effectively manage our clients risk exposure.

Everyday, thousands of compliance professionals, government regulators and executives rely on ethiXbase to accelerate business relationships while effectively managing risk. With clients from across the globe, in spanning multiple industries and of all sizes ethiXbase is the world’s leading provider for anti-corruption compliance.

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